Kaiser Health Tracking Poll -- July 2009

While Congress works through specific health reform proposals, the July Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds a majority of the public remains supportive of taking action on health reform now, though there is some softening of support as criticisms and doubts seem to be registering. As has been the case over the past ten months, a majority of the American people (56%) continue to believe that health reform is more important than ever despite the country''s economic problems, and the public believes by a two to one margin (51% versus 23%) that the country will be better rather than worse off if Congress and the president enact health reform. More Americans think they and their family will be better off (39%) than worse off (21%) if legislation passes, with roughly a third (32%) believing it will make no difference for them or their family..

This survey was conducted July 7 through July 14, 2009 by PSRAI for the Kaiser Family Foundation among 1,205 adults. To view more from this survey, click here.

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